Our client wanted product photos with a white background as well as some urban style photos that are in line with their brand. We provided two styles of urban photos where we used the backdrop of Birmingham city centre and an area with amazing graffiti artwork. 

Brick Wall Graffiti
Burger Double


If you are in the food business you need your images to do your food justice. Here we feature our clients summer menu favourites and their 2020 Christmas menu options. These images were used across their social media platforms. 


During our video shoot for AFades we also captured some shots of the man behind the clippers in order for him to have some stock images to use across his social media platforms as content. 

Barber Tools
Craft Materials


Our client had a new range of products and needed some photos with a white background in order to use on various platforms their products feature on. We turned these around in 48 hours after receiving the product to providing the final edits as the client needed these ready for their launch.

Peng meal prep

In this project our client wanted pictures of their dishes as well as a promotional video. The message they wanted to be conveyed was freshness and flavour as they would be delivering all their food to their customers. 

Restaurant Chef